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Buy Local–Don’t be fooled

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Buyer Beware—Hot Tub Expos, Hot Tub Super Sales and Hot Tub Shows



You see the ad on TV or hear it on the radio… Sounds like a huge hot tub sale with multiple top hot tub brands and tons of selection. The deals sound outrageous… Thousands of dollars off or as much as 50-80% off of “retail price.” Is this for real or is it gimmicks and false advertising? We at Brady's are here to break it down for you.

First and foremost, it’s important to distinguish whether the event is hosted by a local company or if it is an out of town company doing a “traveling show.” If it’s a local company then it’s worth pursuing although “the deals” may not always be as good as you would think. If it’s an out of town company then we would suggest steering clear. Furthermore, it’s important to determine if you are looking for a good deal on a hot tub or if you are looking for a good hot tub that’s also a good deal. In the first scenario it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying based on price or thinking you’re getting a good price based on gimmicks and consumer ignorance. In the latter scenario you're researching and educating yourself on brands, models, and dealers then trying to find the model you like at a good price. When purchasing a hot tub we would always suggest doing at least a little bit of homework before pulling the trigger as it can save a considerable amount of time, frustration, and money down the road. Or go with trusted friends like Brady's and brands like Jacuzzi® and Vita Swim Spas!


Will these, "Super Sales" be here after the sale to take care of you?

Many of the traveling hot tub shows use misleading advertising that suggests that the best savings on hot tubs can only be had this weekend at this “spa show.” This is simply not true. Consumers are fooled by over inflated regular prices and massive discounts which give the appearance of huge savings. It’s these gimmicks and false advertising that trick consumers into thinking that they are getting a deal when in fact they are overpaying. We are confident that if you don’t get caught up in the hype and do your homework, then you can find a similar quality or better quality hot tub equipped the same way for less from your local hot tub dealer, Brady's. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself if you're absolutely prepared to hand someone from out of town, that you just met, thousands of dollars of your hard earned money without taking a little extra time to shop and compare to make sure you are, in fact, getting a good deal. Many customers that buy at these events are given the impression that they are getting a great deal and buying from a big local company that’s going to be there for them every step of the way but eventually come to the conclusion that they just made a large purchase from a company several thousand miles away with no real local service or support. Below is a list of questions we would recommend you ask before purchasing or putting a deposit down on a hot tub;

  1. Does this company have a local store in the area that you can walk into if there is any sort of issue or conflict before, during, or after delivery? Is there a warranty? If the answer is “no” then I would steer clear. If yes, then, how long have they been in business? We would suggest a local dealer with at least 3 years in business and good reviews. Also steer clear of answers from out of state dealers like “we have a local service company that takes care of our warranty support” or “we have a local delivery company that handles our deliveries.” These outsourced companies are inferior and generally give poor service as they do not get paid much to handle this type of work. It is important to note that the profit is always in the hot tub sale and not in the service especially while the hot tub is under warranty and that many dealers subsidize their service and warranty expenses from the profit in the hot tub sale. If an out of state dealer (hot tub show promoter) makes all of the profit on the sale but outsources the delivery piece to a local entity then you can generally expect very poor customer service.

  2. Is there somewhere you can “wet test” the spa in order to try it before you buy it? We would highly recommend a wet test and if you purchase a hot tub from a traveling show over the weekend and they pack up and leave on Monday then where do you guy if you want to take it for a test run if there is no local store

  3. Is my deposit refundable if I change my mind? We would suggest asking for a rescission (refundable) period if you purchase from a traveling hot tub show so that you can have some time to “cool off” and do some further diligence and homework. If you do get a rescission period then make sure it’s in writing on the sale contract and states that the deposit is 100% fully refundable. A good company will always cooperate because they don’t have anything to hide.

In today’s internet and digital age, information is available at your finger tips. Research is not only easy to do but it can be critical in making a good decision or a bad one. Take for instance the links below from Yelp, Google and the Better Business Bureau. These are just a few of the reviews and information on traveling hot tub shows that have taken advantage of consumers. This information can be invaluable to would be customers so that they don’t make the same mistake.

yelp review
pissed consumer review
not bbb accredited

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Don't be fooled by the
traveling "Spa Show."

Will the Spa Show provide
Service after the sale?

spashow2.jpg spashow4.jpg

It turns out the SPA SHOW isn’t really a SPA SHOW at all. It's a 3 day high pressure sales event put on by a traveling spa sales company that doesn’t even have a store in IDAHO.

By the way—If you purchase from the Spa Show, Spa Show, Spa Show! Here is what you will find next week, or next month, or next year, or 5 years from now when you go back and need them to stand behind their product.