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Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Season has arrived at Brady's in Idaho

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Feel that Hot, Relaxing Jacuzzi® Hydrotherapy.

Fall is "Prime-Time" at Brady's

The arrival of fall brings with it “Prime Time” for some of our most popular products at Brady’s in Idaho Falls, (Pocatello, a short drive) and Twin Falls. Make the most of cooler temperatures and increased indoor time. Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Jacuzzi® Infrared Saunas, Exercise Equipment, Billiard and Game Tables, Darts and in the Idaho Falls store, a huge line-up of sewing and quilting products.

With our cool nights pretty much year round; we’re lucky to live in an area that provides us with four season hot tubbing weather. That being said, fall is a great time for daily or nightly soaks in hot, soothing Jacuzzi® hot water from Brady's.


At Brady's, we want to get you in Hot Water.

Hydrotherapy has a wide range of health benefits. The heat itself promotes circulation and speeds up removal of lactic acid , while the buoyancy of the water lifts the effects of gravity and takes the pressure off joints for pain relief .

Hydrotherapy and hydromassage can be used to relieve the symptoms of a multitude of maladies including stress, arthritis, sleeplessness, fibromyalgia, lower-back pain, post-exercise soreness, and leg cramps/restless legs syndrome.

The benefits of hydrotherapy have been well known for centuries (read more here) and at Brady’s, we carry the best spas in the world from the world’s number one brand, Jacuzzi®. Design, Quality, and Performance. From the perfect placement of PowerPro® Jets to the optimal positioning of the body in ergonomic seats, a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub delivers the ultimate hydrotherapy massage. Sore back, aching muscles, tired feet, stress... All part of an active, productive life, are no match for hot, relaxing Jacuzzi® hydrotherapy. (Click here to see the entire Jacuzzi® lineup)

Everything else is just a hot tub; there’s only one Jacuzzi®, and you’ll only find Jacuzzi® Brand Spas at Brady’s.


Another product from Jacuzzi® and Brady’s that is beyond wonderful for your body year round, but especially in the fall, is the Infrared Full Spectrum Sauna. Learn how Clearlight Sanctuary Full Spectrum Saunas®

offer advanced near, mid and far infrared technologies. Our robust True Wave™ Full Spectrum heating system provides all wavelengths 100% of the time to optimize your sauna session. The Sanctuary sauna line is available in Western Red Canadian Cedar and North American Basswood.

Imagine being able to capture the radiant heat from the sun, without the harmful UV rays, or the soothing heat from warmed sand on the beach. That’s infrared. Now imagine focusing that comfort on your sore muscles and joints. In fact, do more than imagine, make it yours today at Brady’s. Also, we’ll let you in on a little secret...(don’t tell anybody) According to the Journal of the American Medical Association , regular use of a sauna imparts a similar boost on the cardiovascular system as running. So there’s that. You’ll probably sleep better too. Get into full spectrum Clearlight Sauna® infrared technology by Jacuzzi® at Brady’s—your body and soul will thank you.


Keeping yourself in shape is a little different these days. As the temperatures drop, and some training shifts indoors, see our huge lineup of top-quality fitness equipment at Bradys in Idaho Falls, Pocatello and Twin Falls. Take yourself to Cardio Town with Treadmills, Ellipticals, ZeroRunners, Spin Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Rowing Machines and more. Don’t let yourself go because you can't get into the gym. Get in here and get setup for fitness.


Tell you what, nights get pretty long around here. Why not take advantage and turn those long nights into “Game Nights!” The whole family will enjoy time together so much more with Arcade Quality Games like Darts, Ping Pong, Shuffleboard, Foosball, Air Hockey and beautiful, Presidential Billiard Tables, the best the industry has to offer at Brady’s.



With the right setup from Brady’s, the end of summer is no cause to lose your stoke. In fact, you might just start looking more forward to fall year after year. Come see us at Brady’s today and we’ll help you turn your home into a year-round resort.

1445 E. Lincoln Road, Idaho Falls | 305 Shoshone St. S., Twin Falls