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Not only is it fun… Play Billiards for Brain and Body Health

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If you like a good game of billiards, you might want to consider picking up a Presidential Billiards table from Brady’s to play with your friends and family at home. You will definitely enjoy your spaces more with a high-quality table in your home. The money you spend on a quality table may actually help you save money on entertainment. Once your family can play entertaining games at home, you may find that you prefer fun nights in, over expensive nights out.

A billiards table, can also help family members of all ages improve their physical and mental health in addition to providing economical, family-friendly entertainment. Read on to learn how a billiard table from Brady’s can benefit your family's health.


If you're like most adults, you've told yourself that you should exercise more, but you've grown tired of going to the gym or finding it difficult to keep to a workout plan because of your crazy schedule. Now this is cool—If you play billiards on a regular basis, you may not realize that you're actually sneaking in some enjoyable exercise while having fun!

The average player walks around the pool table 100 times during a two-hour game of billiards. The total distance traveled by those 100 trips is approximately three-quarters of a mile. So, if your objective has been to fit a one-mile walk into your daily schedule, know that if you play a game of billiards every day, you are more than halfway there before you even step outdoors or hit your Landice Treadmill from Brady’s.

Billiards also helps you, regardless of age, strengthen your arms, back, and legs, as well as enhance your overall flexibility and balance. While the health benefits of billiards are useful to both adults and kids alike, they are particularly advantageous to the elderly, who often struggle to find healthful activities to participate in. Activities that aren't too strenuous. In fact, if you have a senior relative who suffers from arthritis, asking them to play pool is a terrific approach to assist them receive some good physical activity while avoiding uncomfortable joint stress.

100 trips around the table is nearly three-quarters of a mile.


Playing billiards with your family is not only helpful for their physical health, but it may also benefit their mental health. If you have any youngsters in your family who have never learned to play billiards or have merely "played around" on a table a few times, it is a good idea to introduce them to the game. A lifetime game.

While playing billiards, children of all ages can enhance their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills by having to think long and hard about how to make one of the more difficult shots. Children can even learn about geometry as they plot their shots and observe how the balls bounce off the walls. Younger adults, too, need to engage their brains on a regular basis, and research has shown that learning new things as an adult can help prevent cognitive decline later in life. If you have already mastered one billiards game, such as the famous Eight-ball, start learning new games like Nine-ball or One-pocket after you acquire your pool table from Brady’s, and you will immediately realize how mastering a new game may improve your mental sharpness.

Shop our selection of Presidential Billiard tables online at or come into our showrooms in Idaho Falls and Twin Falls. Talk to us about your choice of felt, accessories and white glove set-up and delivery. Only the best Billiard Tables and Games in the world available at Brady’s, where we service what we sell. Come see us and discover all the benefits of Billiards at home.

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