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Hot Tub Fun and Hydrotherapy

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Start enjoying the Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy in a Brady's Hot Tub.

Hot water is the key to relaxation.

Our roots are in History (and our bodies in hot water)

First a little history. Hydrotherapy has been around for ages. In fact the therapeutic use of water was used by ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. Other cultures noted for a long history of hydrotherapy include China and Japan. The Japanese are still enjoying their famous hot springs, and for good reason. Indeed our ancestors knew what we still know today. Hot Water is great for the human body.

As far as Modern History goes... In 1956, the Jacuzzi® brothers invented the first portable hydrotherapy pump, later to be known as J-300, and could turn any bath tub into a spa-like atmosphere at the flip of a switch. Their invention came about because a child in the family was receiving hydrotherapy treatment for arthritis in Berkeley, California which was miles from the child’s home. As you can imagine, the invention of the J-300 saved the family hours of traveling and discomfort.

In the 1960’s, the first home hot tubs started to appear in the form of old wine vats, tanks, and barrels in the wine country of Northern California. Folks would take these old discarded vats and fill them with hot water. Later, in 1968, Roy Jacuzzi invented the modern whirlpool bath he called “the Roman.” It had fully-integrated plumbing, jets, and 50/50 air-to-water ratio bringing the portable hydrotherapy pump to the next stage, and we were on our way to what we know today.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to treat a disease or to maintain health. The theory behind it is that water has many properties that give it the ability to heal. Chief among them, its ability to carry and store heat and energy. Hot water promotes blood flow and also has a calming, soothing, relaxing effect on people. So let's get you in Hot Water. Here are just a few of the ways hydrotherapy can help in your daily life:

  • You'll probably sleep better.

When your body is comfortably warm, you tend to fall asleep quicker and rest through the night with fewer disruptions. We all know that quality sleep is essential to feeling well. Good moods, mental alertness and physical energy are improved by good sleep. A little time in the Hot Tub before bed will warm you right up and help you drift right off.

  • Relieve your stress.

At Brady's, we've been committed to Hot Tubbing for over three decades. It is our experience that hot water, massaging jets, the feeling of weightlessness, absorbing led lights and the pleasant sound of water really help you to chill out. It's absolutely amazing what a few minutes in your Jacuzzi® from Brady's can do for your attitude.

  • Improve your athletic performance.

Lactic acid is what causes much of the soreness you feel after exercise and sports. By soaking in a Hot Tub your body will experience increased blood circulation, helping to do away with built up lactic acid. Your muscles and joints will feel less sore and stiff and more flexible. So you're not as sore from today, and ready to go again tomorrow.

  • Relieve your knee pain and recover from injuries faster.

It has been noted that people with knee injuries that consistently use Spas and Hot Tubs experience less pain and recover faster than those that don't use hot tubs. How does improved range of motion in less time, and using less pain medication sound? According to a recent study hot tubbing helps in both areas.

  • Help to Alleviate back pain.

Several published medical studies have demonstrated that hot tub therapy has both short and long-term benefits for people with lower back pain. Neck, upper back and shoulders benefit too.

  • Sooth Arthritis pain

According to a publication from The Arthritis Foundation entitled Spas, Pools, and Arthritis. “Regular sessions in your hot tub help keep joints moving. It restores and preserves strength and flexibility, and also protects your joints from further damage." I don't know about you, but that sounds great to me. I'd like to keep moving freely for a long time to come.

Immerse yourself

That's science and medicine. Now when you first dip a toe into your Hot Tub, walk down the stairs as the steam rises to great you, then immerse yourself in the hot, relaxing water—you start to feel what hydrotherapy is really all about. Seriously, there is nothing like total body immersion. A hot shower is great, but doesn't even come close.

Perfect Après Anything

After a day of skiing, mountain biking, horseback riding, after the softball or hockey game, (before the game to loosen up is great too) your body and mind will start to unwind. Not only does warm water therapy help your blood vessels dilate, promoting increased blood flow and preventing soreness and stiffness as we mentioned above—it feels absolutely wonderful. All over. Say it slowly, "All over."

It's about Quality of Life

There's another benefit to owning a hot tub too, a communal one. Busy lives, busy schedules... We don't always have enough quality time, so we have to make the most of it when we do. A soak in a hot tub with family and friends offers a time to slow down and enjoy each other's company. Great conversation or silence for that matter; submerged in comforting, hot water. I'm in!

Over 25 Tubs on display at Brady's in Idaho Falls

Come into Brady's in Idaho Falls, (still serving Pocatello) or Twin Falls and see our enormous selection of today's most advanced Hot Tubs from Jacuzzi®. No other hot tub brand provides better hydrotherapy, offers a longer warranty or is easier to maintain. We have Jacuzzi® starting at just $6999. Click here to see the entire Jacuzzi® lineup. Give us a call at 208-522-6763 if you have any questions. We're open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm, closed Sunday and Monday.

Let Brady's get you into Hot Water.

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